American Indian Names Describing A Person’s Beauty


Beauty and love are universal; in every culture, you will find names that tell of a person’s beauty by comparing that person with nature’s beauty. It’s therefore not a surprise that there is a Native American name for beautiful. Furthermore, since what is beautiful varies from one person to the other, parent gave various names that described the beauty of their children not just physically, but also in terms of their potential to become great people.

They Drew Most Names from Nature
While the names for beauty varied from one tribe to another, all tribes got their names by taking nature and its forces into consideration. There are also other cases where they gave names to describe the personality or appearance of a child. An example would be a name such as “little brown eyes.” If the birth of a child was unique, they could also name a child according to their birth position.

Examples of Names Describing Beauty
Some of the names included names such as Aiyana that meant endless beauty, which as you would expect was a girl child’s name. A boy child would get a name such as Antinanco, meaning an Eagle in the Sun, or even Ahtahkakoop, which meant quilt of stars. Overall, each child would get a name that the parents or the elders thought best described their abilities, appearance, and good fortune.
Overall, the names changed as the child grew and became an achiever.